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About Sarve Samachar

Sarve Samachar formally launched on November 6, 2004. Sponsored by the Hinduworld company, the site is the first Hindu news portal available on the internet, delivering content from over 40 online newspapers, news agencies and other sources. The site uses technology similar to Google News to automatically crawl and index fresh content every 30 minutes. In addition, the site employs a unique metric based on the popularity and date to highlight only the most relevant and interesting content.

Besides aggregation of news headlines, the site also collects the latest articles, columns, editorials from across the web. To provide the most relevant content, the site collects the latest Reuters/Associated Press photos regarding Hinduism, features a daily verse from the Swami Sivananda’s translation of Bhagavad-Gita and intelligently attempts filter out Bollywood tabloids and other irrelevant headlines.

With headlines concerning Hindus scattered over scores of newspapers, the fully automated Sarve Samachar guarantees to provide a “one stop shop” for the latest Hindu news.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who posts the headlines on the site?
Sarve Samachar is a 100% automated site, so there is no human interference in the posting of new stories. This way we can ensure the you are brought the latest headlines without having to wait for a human to approve stories.

I just read an interesting news article and I would submit it to Sarve Samachar. How can I do that?
This shouldn't be a surprise to you but you can't! Since this site is completely machine controlled, there is no interference, so we are unable to accept individual news articles for display on the website. However, if you have seen recurring news articles from this news source. Please suggest the source to us rather than an individual story and we'll try to include it.

One of the headlines seems totally irrelevant, inappropriate or mis-formatted. Why did this happen?
The news engine must have messed up somewhere or is simply reporting content served by another site. Remember, humans aren't the only ones who make mistakes - machines do also! However please to contact us and let us know of any problems like this should you see one.

How many news sources are indexed?
Sarve Samachar indexes over 30 sources currently but we are looking to grow this. We welcome any suggestions of websites of columnists, or online newspapers that you think are appropriate to include.

How does Sarve Samachar decide which headlines get displayed more prominently?
Sarve Samachar uses a intelligent metric based on a story's "popularity" and date of publication to decide how the headlines are displayed.

Are you planning any new features for the site?
Yes, we're glad you asked. We're looking to add mail-alerts (so that it will email you stories of interest to you), machine learning (so that it can guess which headlines are most popular), and of course we will continue to grow the number of sources we are indexing.


Sarve Samachar, its creators and its affiliates are not responsible for news or photos displayed on the site. With regards to offensive content, the news agency or site that originally published the item should contacted.

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